Phillips Brothers Country Hams, Inc

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Here you will find all the products we currently offer online. We are a small, family owned business so we know the importance of saving every penny you can. That being said please take note we offer single packs, multiple packs and value packs as well. We mostly ship USPS flat rate so it may be beneficial to you to buy multiple packs and save on shipping. 
And as always, you can call us and order any amount of any items you see here and we can bundle package it for you.  If your looking for multiple items at one time it may save you even more on shipping cost.
More items coming soon!!  Our website is still under constuction ( updated 3/26/19)

1lb pack Center cut country ham plus $8 shipping


1lb pack Biscuit Cut Country Ham plus $8 shipping


3-1lb packs Center cut country ham plus $8 shipping


3-1lb packs Biscuit cut country ham plus $8 shipping